Market Activations

With or consistent and contemporary approach to branding, we creatively align your Brand Strategy to your Business Strategy.

We provide a strong platform for both business & consumer engagement across all segments.

This would cover all initiatives towards:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Generating trials Engaging consumers with the brand Leaving a lasting impression on the consumer after the activity is over

The key constituents of our programs are:
  • Sustained build-up to the activation through collaterals, offline & online communication
  • Strong brand presence at the venue with creative innovations
  • Conducting activations through a team of hand-picked, well-trained and smart Promoters
  • Emcees & Ushers who would be responsible for attracting Footfalls
  • End-to-end running of KPI-focused activities like Site-registrations, App downloads, placing of first order and/or any other promotions or offers that the client wants to run among its target audience
  • Lead-management solutions including Lead capture, lead-classification and sharing of a daily dashboard to client
  • Assimilation of Learnings: Capturing of key learnings, both qualitative & quantitative from every initiative for client’s reference.


What we have done so far in Market Activations

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We are a cohesive marketing services and solution company that helps brands build and sustain conversation with their audience.

While our key area of expertise lies in turnkey exhibition services, they also encompass the events, retail branding and merchandising space. In addition provide clients with an onsite studio facility that makes for efficient working and on time delivery.

Our in house team of professionals possess years of expertise working with clients across industry verticals. Some of whom include, but are not limited to, Bosch Power Tools; Skill; Ruchi Soya; Nutrela; Iskra; Dremel; Jotun Paints; Stone Source Ltd; Crocs; Hypercity; Easyday; Walmart and Reliance Industries.

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